The wine growing land of Bardolino covers a total surface area of over 25.000 hectares, comprising 16 districts.

The Bardolino wine area can be found between the eastern shore of Lake Garda and the moraine hills, in a typical mediterranean landscape. The unique mild climate is perfect for the growth of olives and vines.

This particular territory originated from the deep grooves carved thousands of years ago by the descent of the glaciers. They retreated leaving behind an amphitheatre of soft hills, known as the Moraines.

It is within this perfect setting for the production of wine that our company has its 28 hectares of vines. The land, mainly stony, is light and has a good drainage which gives the wine delicate and fruity notes.

Here, two of the main native vines Corvina and Rondinella originate, that make up our typical Bardolino, Chiaretto and Chiaretto Spumante Brut wines. Time, patience and passion are the essential ingredients to create our top quality wines. Thanks to our knowledge passed down through the generations, to our constant quest for improvement and our innovation, we believe that our wines demonstrate and express all the hard work, tradition and creativity that we all contribute.