Made by Women

Made by Women

An afternoon like many others, the usual chat between sisters.
“What do our labels tell about us?”
And everything started from here.

A project that lasted a year where we reflected on our history, our way of being, us. Thanks to the work of Stefano Torregrossa we managed to put our ideas and dreams in black and white.

The history of wine, often conjugated to the masculine, is actually dotted with feminine terms. They are the grapes, the vineyard, the land, the harvest to make wine grow like mothers, grandmothers and sisters do; they are the ones who educate it, make it big. A great wine.

Although it is often the men who lead the companies – our own story is linked to the events of the grandfather and the father – behind a great man there is always a great woman.

Today we are the Benazzoli ladies, Claudia and Giulia, young entrepreneurs. But we owe what we are today to the many women of the past who have inspired and educated us.

And we ourselves can be an inspiration for women in the forefront work, women who carry on male traditions and crafts, women who use their femininity to change the languages ​​and ways of sectors that are likely to grow old.

So we tell Benazzoli with a new language: a feminine language. That you do not speak of “women” wine, which does not use banalities such as pink, italic characters or gender stereotypes: instead we talk about a wine “made by women”. A wine capable of new surprises, new languages; a wine that knows how to be strong, kind, feminine, sensual, passionate.

Women's Dreams

Project of Onice design (Stefano Torregrossa)
Illustrations by Luca Quagliotti

The trait is evocative, dreamlike, magical: how magical and evocative is the wine they contain. They are imaginary women we call by name, each with its own character, its style, its exquisitely personal taste. Each of them tells different aspects of Benazzoli women and their wines.

Hidden bodies

Project of Onice design (Stefano Torregrossa)

Wine and woman: soft and seductive forms, a backlit memory of a female body. It is the wine that cuts out shapes in the paper by contrast, it is the wine that becomes a woman.

Limited Edition

Project of Onice design (Stefano Torregrossa)
Realization by Claudia and Giulia Benazzoli

100 bottles of our first vintage of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013. Each bottle is painted with purple varnish, one by one, exclusively by hand: the result is 100 different designs, each carrying a different personality, different gestures, different drops of color.